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Dog-gone HOT in Las Vegas!

July 10, 2010

The middle of summer is officially here and I am here to tell you, IT’S HOT! While living in Las Vegas is great in the winter because we don’t usually get SNOW, the summer months can be hard on a beautiful dog!

Summertime is great for outdoor dining

But there are wonderful advantages to the warm weather months. Here is an old photo of me with my sister enjoying a nice afternoon at The District. Not every restaurant allows dogs…. Not even the World’s Most BEAUTIFUL dog! Sometimes, it’s just nice to sit outside and soak up some sun. Just be careful you don’t stay out too long! And always make sure you have a big bowl full of water!

Wear a protective visor or "Doggles" if you're going to spend a lot of time in the sun

Beautiful dogs need accessories that hold up during the hot summer months, too. Dogs shouldn’t wear neck scarves because even a little piece of fabric can make them hotter.

You might also want to eat a bit less each day. It’s harder to go for those heavenly long walks, so where are those extra calories going to go? They might just land on your doggie RUMP! OMG!! We certainly don’t want that!!! You want to be a healthy dog, so make sure you move as much as possible. Some dogs go swimming – but that’s not for me! I don’t know what that would do to my beautiful dog coat!

Watch what you eat and be sure to play in the house as much as you can so you stay fit. It won’t be this hot for long. Try to enjoy the summer. Fall will be here soon and then we can play more, eat more, and sleep more. Ahhh – it sure is a dog’s life!


Do You Have a DIVA-tude?

November 22, 2009

I’ve been accused of being spoiled. Define spoiled:

  • Expecting everyone to wait on you hand & paw? Guilty!
  • Thinking the WORLD revolves around you? Guilty!
  • Expecting everyone to drop EVERYTHING to tend to your needs? Guilty!
My job? To sit around and look PRETTY, of course!

My job? To sit around and look PRETTY, of course!

If you answered GUILTY to these three points (like I did!), then perhaps you, too, are a DIVA and you suffer from having a DIVA-tude!

Stop fighting it – there is nothing wrong with knowing your self-worth. If people lose control every time they see you, oohing and ahhhing praise and compliments, don’t be surprised. They really can’t help themselves. If you are a TRUE DIVA – you are used to this fuss. Just soak it up and try your best to look aloof.

Searching for Even Greater Beauty!

July 28, 2009

I can’t stand it! I see mascara commercials on TV all the time and it’s SO OBVIOUS that the models are wearing false eyelashes! Does anyone really believe that those lush, long lashes come from a wand? Of course not!

Georgie Turns Her Nose Up - Even at POSH Travel Options!

Georgie Turns Her Nose Up - Even at POSH Travel Options!

I, on the other hand, have naturally GORGEOUS, long, black eyelashes! And, against my beautiful blonde fur, they really stand out!

Here is a photo of me cringing, eyes shut tightly! My mom’s friend Betty sure knows her stuff. She brought over a very POSH hot pink doggie travel bag (Love the color; wish I could say the same about the bag!) to see if I would enjoy traveling the globe in it. I might have fit in it – IF it weren’t for my bows and fab hairstyle. I just closed my eyes the entire time I had to sit in there and was SO GLAD when mom said I could get out! I don’t think I was in there for even a minute; believe me, when I don’t like something, I make it KNOWN! 🙂

I see lots of dogs in travel bags, especially when we go to the district. Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to see one of those REALLY BIG DOGS in a travel tote? Even on wheels, that would make me laugh!

I like the “doggie bags” in a catalogue called “In the Company of Dogs.” That catalogue has some really fun, though really expensive items! Do you know of any dog accessories that are VERY HIGH END, but are more affordable? Want to share? Leave a comment if you know of some!

I get asked about my bows a LOT. They come from Val’s Diva Dos. Check out Bows by Val, and tell Val that Georgie sent you! YAWN! Time for bed. Keep an eye out for my new website. It should be up in just a few weeks. In the meantime, tell your friends to stop by! Do you have any questions for me?

“Most Beautiful Dog” Contests arf Everywhere!

July 15, 2009
Sitting usual!

Sitting usual!

SO MANY Beautiful Dogs! How are people supposed to vote for just ONE? People EVERYWHERE are hosting “Most Beautiful Dog” contests! Mind you, they are not the “WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL DOG” ~ Just that city’s…which is fine by me. You should see the contestants! With so many different breeds, it’s got to be hard to vote for just ONE!

Baltimore has live voting going on right now! Check it out here. It’s incredible! I bet I could make a LOT of new friends in Baltimore!

Last month, the Sonoma-Marin Fair held the World’s UGLIEST Dog Contest! A boxer-mix shelter dog named Pabst won. Good for HIM! We actually have something in common…can you believe it? We both have underbites! Shih Tzu’s (like me) are bred to have them. I wonder where Pabst got his?!?!

Every year, there is a competition for “Best in Show” at the AKC/Eukanuba Championship. (BTW, one of my favorite movies is “Best in Show”! There are two Shih Tzu’s in the movie and they are GORGEOUS!) You may know that dogs from each group – like sporting, toy (me!), herding, and working dogs each compete. Then, the best of each group get to enter “Best in Show,” where a judge has to pick just ONE! What is up with THAT?!?! The dogs are all so different!

It seems to me that SOME people like small, soft, furry dogs. Other people like big, husky dogs. Still, others like big running dogs to go jogging with, like Labradors! Why work so hard?! I’d rather go for a ride in my pink stroller and saunter home leisurely. But, I digress. How can a judge not have a preference? Interesting, don’t you think. Yet, it’s not right for us to all be separate, either. Hmmm my mind is tired. I have no answers. I need my beauty sleep! Good night! I hope you dream of chasing bunnies, cars, or bones – whatever you prefer!